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Fine Art Photography by Teresa Taylor

Focus on Birds

Welcome to my world of birds!

I am a retired wedding and portrait photographer, teaching photography to adults and youth, as well as teaching basic birding to children. I enjoy spending the majority of my free time photographing birds. The daily hunt for something new, or a better shot of something familiar, keeps me always looking up, in awe of the vibrant yet sometimes invisible world around us.

Because the presence of birds is so easily overlooked in our daily lives, I enjoy the opportunity to share with others the intricate detail and design that can be captured through my lens. Raising awareness in others of the beauty in flight that surrounds us is very rewarding.

It is my goal that through my images of these beautiful creatures I will continue to inspire others to see and to hear these magnificent works of art that grace the heartland with their presence as either permanent or seasonal residents or migrating visitors. Keeping in mind, as well, that there is much to be learned from these winged creatures, in their varying habits, behavior and activity, mysterious and yet predictable!

The Colorful World of Sparrows

Kansas Landscapes

Some of my favorite images captured in the Heart of America – where the 4 distinct seasons of the Midwest provide continuous opportunities for photographic variety, as the weather transforms the ever-changing landscape…on the country roads, in rural settings, across the open prairie, in the dead of winter, late spring, mid-summer and early fall – as the best kept secrets of nature give glory to The Creator by simply reflecting truth in their beauty, offering glimpses of heaven on earth as they whisper, “Ah! Kansas”.

There are so many standing relics in rural Kansas…abandoned barns, churches and school houses. I often wonder about the lives that once filled these spaces with energy. The quaint little structures that once were visited with life are now truly abandoned and often forgotten. The schoolyards where children once played and sang, where you can almost sense the whisper of voices through the shadows, are now overgrown with emptiness. It’s been my goal in photographing these lonely scenes that we might wonder and resurrect the memory of a time when those who have passed had worked, played and worshipped.