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A Snake in the House!

by | May 25, 2019 | Bird Tales

I had just arrived at Lake Shawnee and noticed a female Bluebird in obvious distress. She seemed to be frantic and she was vocalizing intensely.

As she flew to and fro near her house I spotted the intruded who had invaded her home. 

She dove at the snake and continued to vocalize most excitedly as if to be calling for help while at the same time, expressing her indignation at the intruder. 

After repeated attempts to force out the snake it slithered away. 

As the snake vacated the house, poor Mrs. Bluebird flew immediately over to the house to check things out.

From the top she looked down to make sure the coast was clear. 

She checked all around the outside before looking inside. 

She peaked in the window and found all was well. She had saved the day! 

Expecting the intruder to return, she flew to her post outside the door to stand guard.

There she remained, protecting her home as best as she could. Unfortunately, we know the snake will return to make another attack on her nest, perhaps after dark.